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“Our CPA business grew rapidly over the last few years and our IT resource wasn’t able to keep up. We were referred to Network Elites by a partner and after discussing and seeing their capabilities our decision was made. Network Elites has been a tremendous help to our business from an IT perspective. They have provided IT services and strategy to help take our company to the next level.” Read More

Who We Are

At Network Elites, we help customers with ideation, integration, implementation, and maintenance of their IT infrastructures. While designing the network, we use the most modern applications and technologies to offer a future safe environment for the customer, which is capable of growing in performance and capacity to sustain the future growth of the business. The business now focuses on growing the business while we as a strategic partner focused on sustaining and operating the IT infrastructure.  Read More

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What We Offer

Network Elites is committed to providing value-added services to its customer at the most economical rates available in Dallas Texas. Our team is focused on providing IT managed services in Dallas with a focus on integrating cybersecurity at every level of the network to monitor any threats. A dedicated team of IT consultants is ready to guide you through the most modern technologies and cloud-based solutions available in the market. We offer services to execute IT-related projects in the most expeditious manner. Cloud-based services are becoming more agile in deployment, which provides an opportunity for our customers to extend their on-premises networks to cloud infrastructure. Here are the major focus area for our company

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IT Managed Services

Network Elites seek a strategic partnership with its customers to perform the IT managed services in the Dallas Texas area and beyond. Our process to support a network is integrated with security applications and streamlined to monitor threats at every level of the network, which enables us to proactively monitor and manage the customer network.

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IT Service Consultants

We have the talent to advise and guide our customers with the toughest challenge on hands. Based on your business and strategic needs, our team can break down the requirements for a network and evaluate the technologies available to the customers. Our network designs are future proof, and we consider the future growth of the network. Our team can execute projects in timely manner and meet the customer commitment for the completion of the project.

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Security Services

As virtualization and IoT technologies advance, the IT network becomes more complex to manage and maintain. At the same time, new trends in virus, malware, and ransomware attacks are on the rise. This perfect storm demands vigilance and ability to defend an IT network, Network Elites approaches network security as part of the network design instead of a component that resides at the edge of the network and protects the perimeter.

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Network Security Solutions

Network Elites have the privilege to work with several security solution vendors and partners. The solution we offer can monitor events, some products warn the admin to take action, and some products do the automatic remediation if there is a security threat on your network. Network Elites take all these security product offerings and create solutions to create secure networks for our managed services customers.

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Cloud Services

Cloud services provide an unprecedented advantage and agility in the deployment of IT resources.  Networks Elites is a Microsoft Resource Provider, and have expertise in Azure, AWS, and Google cloud offering. We have experience with ESXi based and Hyper-V based hypervisors and have migrated several customers from the on-premise network to cloud applications.

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Microsoft 365

Introducing Microsoft 365, a new software-as-a-service product offering from Microsoft with integrated security. This change in name is more reflective of the range of features and benefits in the subscription. The entire suite of software can be divided into Productivity and collaboration, Business Management, and Security plus compliance. Network Elites is a direct seller of this entire suite, and a number of product bundles are available on a subscription basis.

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    Frequently Ask Question

    What is managed service provider?

    A managed service provider is a partner in your IT journey, it can be a part of your IT resources or simply manage your IT network operations on daily basis to address all the technical aspects of IT infrastructure so that you can focus on delivering an outstanding product or service to your customers.

    What are the benefits of IT managed services?

    IT Managed Service providers have the tools to proactively manage your IT resources to ensure the highest availability. IT Managed services partner can scale quickly and address your business growth in an agile manner. As new technologies are introduced for business growth, managed services can become the trusted advisor and have the skills onboard to guide you through the process resulting in significant cost savings.

    How does an IT Managed Service Providers works?

    A managed service provider works as a partner in the background to keep your IT infrastructure operational. There is no onsite presence unless requested, so there are no extra burdens on you as a business to provide space or resources to the IT managed services provider

    What size of organization can IT Managed Service provider can support?

    We support small to mid-sized businesses with their IT and networking needs. This means that we support teams of as little as 1 or 2 people right up to 500 employees.

    Do you provide remote management and monitoring?

    Remote management and monitoring are the essential business model for a managed service provider, proactive monitoring results in early problem detection. Our IT staff keeps your IT resources running in pristine condition, while your staff focuses on business priorities and deliver the goods and services to your customers.

    Why should we move to the cloud?

    Moving to the cloud is beneficial when you have many servers that require consistency, higher security, and continuous monitoring. Moving to the cloud means that all applications, services, and related data are moved to the cloud infrastructure.  Cloud services providers offer several services that can be quickly integrated with your network and it provides seamless growth and scalability in an agile manner to address the business growth.







    “Our CPA business grew rapidly over the last few years and our IT resource wasn’t able to keep up. We were referred to Network Elites by a partner and after discussing and seeing their capabilities our decision was made. Network Elites has been a tremendous help to our business from an IT perspective. They have provided IT services and strategy to help take our company to the next level.”

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