Network Planning and Design

Comprehensive network planning ensures high-performance, long-term network operations. Our understanding of business requirements and networking technologies helps us plan new networks and evolve existing ones to maximize efficiency, lower your costs, and enhance your business processes.
NetworkElites helps you explore infrastructure options to create a lower cost network with a more integrated architecture. We help determine optimal network equipment and service capabilities for wire center, backbone, data transmission, switch capacity, and signaling planning.

Network Stabilization Services

The beginning of the NetworkElites engagement often requires some level of technology environment stabilization. The stabilization of your systems will allow you to quickly move away from a break/fix cycle of events to a network offering security, effective management and IT systems that are predictable. This will give you a greater return on your investment over the long-term.
Stabilization services can run in parallel with on-site services and include computer support such as:

  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Updates to Virus Definitions
  • Application of Service Packs
  • Defragmentation of Desktops and Servers
  • Spyware Protection and Removal
  • Securing your Wireless Network

Network Security

With the spectacular growth of the Internet and online access, companies that do business on the Internet face ever-growing security threats. How can a company prevent users who access their public Web site from accessing other highly sensitive private network resources? And what about internal employees who wish to transmit highly sensitive data from the corporate intranet to the outside world.
Protecting networks against intruders and unauthorized activities has become critical to enterprises, as e-commerce, intranets and extranets, and data privacy have come to the forefront of business practices. NetworkElites offers a variety of network security solutions that will allow you to rest easy knowing your private data is safe from prying eyes.

Virtual Private Network

We help you take full advantage of the Internet to cut costs and extend the corporate network to employees and key business partners through your own Virtual Private Network (VPN). As partner to the most highly respected companies in the industry such as WatchGuard, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, we are able to give total network security solutions to our customers by providing Firewalls and Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions. VPN makes it possible to gain a competitive advantage by connecting employees, partners, and customers using the Internet securely and seamlessly.

We Listen To Your Network 24×7

With our unique Network Monitoring Service, you can rest assured knowing that if any problems arise on your network, they will be detected and resolved.
NetworkElites’s 24×7 Network Support Services include:

  • Proactive, round-the-clock network monitoring
  • Timely, professional response to issues
  • Cost-effective problem escalation when required.
  • Online Network Support to cut costs and resolve problems efficiently
  • Help Desk Call Center for expert phone-based assistance

Network And Hardware Support Services

NetworkElites provides on-site network and in-house hardware services in a variety of manners conducive to the way you do business. Block retainers, at reduced rates, give you Contract status with guaranteed response times and all portal-to-portal fees waived. As always, Time & Materials billing is an available option.
Hardware support services can also be handled on the Time & Material basis, or supplemented with On-Site service contracts that range from standard next day response to 24×7 with 2 or 4-hour response time. Please contact your Sales Consultant for more details on our warranty services.