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Network Elites’s Free Technical Network Assessment analysis, performed by our expert information systems technicians, is designed to deliver a comprehensive assessment of all IT services, systems and processes. The resulting analysis document gives a complete view of how the IT infrastructure supports key business operations. The IT analysis can then be utilized to provide concrete IT solutions to address your business issues and reduce your risks.

Network Assessment Analysis

We Analyze:

 General IT Assessment and Overview

Network Infrastructure


Server Dynamics




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Why Perform a Technical Assessment?

At Network Elites, we offer a free comprehensive technical assessments to help you make the most of your company’s IT budget. The average Dallas/Austin business spends far too much with too little success simply because expenses are not regularly assessed and monitored. Even if your IT department is presently draining assets, we can help you turn it into a highly effective department that not only uses resources efficiently but prevents waste in other sectors. We accomplish this by performing network assessments to determine the scope of your IT department, the key areas where you are spending money and how effective those expenditures currently are.

Another crucial element of the technical network assessment process is risk assessment. All departments hold some risk, but we will help you determine which risks are excessive. One of the potential risks we examine is security since a security breach could not only result in the leak of private data but financial loss as well. Having a better picture of the risks that currently exist in your IT department will help you make more informed decisions about where your company spends money. For example, you may be pouring an excessive amount of money into new office equipment while not enough is being spent to keep your security infrastructure up-to-date.

Your technical assessment will consider all aspects of your company’s IT services, processes and systems. This valuable data is invaluable when it comes to quantifying the problems your business faces and coming up with practical and affordable solutions. Once the general stage of the technical assessment is performed, Network Elites will delve into the details of your network infrastructure and various technologies used on a daily business. From printers and mobile devices to your complex server dynamics, we provide you with the big picture of your IT expenses and risks and then explain how the details fit in.

If you have ever wondered whether the applications your business uses are truly helping you when it comes to increasing profits, a technical assessment is how you find out. Technical network assessments can help you avoid one of the biggest pitfalls in IT, which is assuming that the same infrastructure will continue to work well as your business grows. From the technology your employees use to the servers that sustain all data used throughout the business, the needs of your IT department are bound to change just like any other aspect of your company. A network assessment will provide the guidance you need to make only those changes that will have a measurable outcome on your business while saving money on those that are unnecessary.

Getting Results

Throughout the technical analysis, we work together to discuss your concerns and goals. Our process gives you the ability to quickly and dynamically respond to your user community with IT services and infrastructure that you feel suit your business.

Whether in the Dallas, Austin or San Antonio areas we can provide virtual or on-site assessments. Let us work with you to find the perfect IT solution for your Texas business.

How We Work

We work systematically with you to understand your goals and objectives and meet them within your calendar and budget parameters. We believe in the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Adjust) management method for the control and continuous improvement of processes.


Together, we establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the expected output (your goals).


Then we implement the plan and execute the process. We also collect data for analysis in the steps to follow (Check and Adjust).


We study the actual results and compare them against the expected results to determine any differences. This step involves the holistic approach of meeting the corporation’s needs as well as each individual’s needs and satisfaction levels.


Lastly, we take any corrective actions needed and together we look forward to determine where to apply changes that will include process improvements over time.

Let the Solutions Begin

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