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Cloud Factory offerings allows you to add a variety of Cloud services related to your specialized offerings in a moment’s notice. Our multi technology expertise on cloud and datacentre technologies enable us to overcome complex challenges on and off cloud. Our best and standardized IT practices allows us to roll out multiple solutions with our highly available, shared resource model.

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Our Cloud Services

Our Complete Cloud Care Services offerings caters to this demand to partners of any size and independent of volume business they bring. Here is how we have broken up our services to ensure that you only take up what you need based on the opportunity you find. We have both project based service offerings and annuity based manages services options all laid out for you to choose.

Its all about Services. Most Services Providers focus on niche offerings and cloud being one of them. But its not always possible to have all theright kind of skill sets to build a complete managed services practice. The ability to quickly start with basic cloud support services or have a complete advance set of offerings for customers without the spending a lot of time and capital is in huge demand.

Cloud Advisory

Kryptos Cloud Factory offerings allows you (our partners) to add a variety of Cloud services related to your specialised offerings in a moment’s notice. Our multi technology expertize on cloud and data centre technologies enable us to overcome complex challenges on and off cloud. Our best and standardized IT practices allows us to roll out multiple solutions with our highly available, shared resource model.

What we do in our engagement


Cloud Readiness Assessment Environment Assessment Application Portfolio Assessment Application Portability Assessment Delivery Model (public, private and hybrid)


Infrastructure Road Map Application Roadmap Application Dependency Plan Impact Planning Migration Implication Insight


Current Cost and Billing Analysis TCO Calculation ROI for Cloud Migration Sign Off on Budget.


Current Cost and Billing Analysis TCO Calculation ROI for Cloud Migration Sign Off on Budget.

Cloud Proof of Concept

Proof-of-concept is a very crucial step for some organizations entering into the world of Cloud for the first time. CIOs only sign off on migration projects only when it has been proven to work on a smaller, isolated subset.
Our Cloud technology teams, works with ISVs and other providers to test out solutions on Cloud first with full support on the subset migration and implementation. On acceptance we help roll out the full project and also work with the providers to manage the environment ongoing.


The Process steps


  • 6 Cloud Go Live Plan
  • 5 Documentation and Conclusion
  • 4 Execution
  • 3 Success Criteria
  • 2 Detailed Planning
  • 1 Objective Defining

What you get

  • Sample Segment Profiling Report
  • Data requirements Report
  • Infrastructure dependencies Report
  • Sample Segment Migration Plan
  • Security and Risk Assessment Report

  • Network Topology Diagram
  • Migration – Efforts
  • Deployment and Testing
  • Validation and Documentation
  • Cloud Migration

    Kryptos Cloud Migration service takes meticulous care to consider every migration best practice when dealing with our client’s migration requirements. Here is how we do it. If your organisation already has a Cloud strategy and has identified application to move to Cloud or needs help with it, you then would want to know what you do next. You can spend your own time and valuable resources to plan the entire migration or speak to a Migration expert whose sole focus is to perform a variety of migrations.

    Pre Migration Check

    • Identify workloads to migrate
    • Identify risks
    • Design target state architecture
    • Prioritize workloads
    • Initial mitigation plan
    • Identify tools and services
    Ensure there is a clear definition of Acceptance and Success
    Obtain final sign off on Migration Plan which covers the type
    3. TOOLS
    Procure and deploy the necessary tools for migration
    4. START
    Start the Migra-tion and con-stantly comm-unicate the status
    5. TEST
    Perform test on the Environment, Data, Application and Security
    Create and submit docum-entation for target environment
    Ensure the tests results are vali-dated as per plan sign off
    Handover all access, docum-entation to the client

    Post Migration Support

    We continue to support your decision to migrate to the Cloud. Our work comes with a 15 business days post migration support, which covers all activities identified above.

    ID Our Customer

    Identity Management is a crucial piece for Service providers and with Cloud in the mix it can get overly complex and time consuming exercise. Every deployment has to start with conversations on how identities are managed for all the customers and right permissions are allocated. This ensures the right individuals have access to the right on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud resources at the right times for the right reasons.

    What we do in our engagement

    Cloud ID

    Cloud ID

    These are identities that exist solely in the cloud. In the case of Cloud AD, they would reside specifically in your Cloud AD directory. We will help you create these users with the defined access.

    Hybrid ID

    Hybrid ID

    Hybrid ID creating involves creating on premise IDs in Cloud. The users have to be created or joined with the existing AD account keeping in mind the synchronization time intervals. Our service assist partners to facilitate the setup end to end.

    Fededrated ID

    Fededrated ID

    Users can have single sign-on (SSO) If a user is terminated or leaves, the account can be immediately disabled and access revoked. This requires More steps to setup and configure and is also high maintenance. May require additional hardware for the STS infrastructure and for federation server. May need additional software is required if AD FS is used. Require extensive setup for SSO.

    MultiFactor ID

    MultiFactor ID

    It delivers strong authenticationvia a range of easy verification options—phone call, text message, or mobile app notification and onetime passwords—allowing users to choose the method they prefer. The Layered risk analysis examines far more than credential validity

    Cloud Connectivity

    Looking for a secure way to extend your connectivity on to Cloud?

    Be it a Point-to-Site connection to securely allow individual computers to connect or multiple sites via Site-to-Site Connectivity or setting up a dedicated direct route from your datacentre or site location to the Cloud.

    Implementation is only the easy bit, knowing how the setup network performs can be very challenging which is a deciding factor for long term sustainability. Krypto’s can also help monitor and manage your connectivity to ensure you are kept informed in order to make the best decision.


    allows offices in multiple fixed locations to establish secure connections with each other over a public network such as the Internet. Most organizations already have a network on their premises and would want to connect it to Cloud rather than putting everything on Cloud. It is also called hybrid network connectivity. It is connecting virtual net in Cloud to on -premises network. This setup may require additional hardware and software to be setup


    allows you to securely connect an on -premises server to your Cloud Virtual Network (VNET). Point -to-site connections don’t require a VPN device. They use the Windows VPN client and must be started manually whenever the on premises server (point) wishes to connect to the preferred Cloud VNET (site). Point to-site connections use secure socket tunnelling p rotocol (SSTP) with certificate authentication. They provide a simple, secure connectivity solution without having to stand up expensive hardware devices.

    DirectConnect (AWS) :

    Direct Connect is a 802.1q VLAN (layer 2) based service[3]. There’s an hourly charge for the port (that varies by the port speed), and also per GB egress charges that vary by location (ingress is free, just like on the Internet).

    ExpressRoute (Azure) :

    is a BGP (layer 3) based service, and it too charges by port speed, but the price is monthly (although it’s prorated hourly), and there are no further ingress/egress charges.

    Cloud Infratructure

    Need to get going on Cloud real fast?

    Based on the kind Cloud you want provisioned we can help you set up in no time. Choose from our packages to indicate how much or how less you want us involved in your Cloud infrastructure deployments.

    All our offerings are covered with a 30 days post implementation support and also selected offers have options for you to raise tickets after the 30 days support period.

    To know more about our Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning package and to get a quotation please contact us by Clicking Here


    Cloud Monitoring

    Knowing the unknown

    Moving your customers into Cloud does not automatically provide you rest assurance that everything has been taken care of. You still have to deliver value back to your customers on how their workload are performing on Cloud. Your customers may not have the know-how to assess all the issues from their Cloud setup which is where they will rely on you. As a Services Provider you we can understand how daunting this can be when you get inundated with monitoring tasks for multiple customers. Your valuable resources should be focusing on more important works to build value back to your customer. This is where we step in to help with our Cloud Monitoring service.

    Infrastructure Monitoring

    On any cloud we can offer monitoring services, infrastructure, OS , Apps and DB monitoring (across CPU usage, memory, storage, IOPS and performance). We will also provide a complete diagnostics of the Cloud environment including but not limited to performance counters, event logs, IIS logs, Crash dumps, Error Logs, Infrastructure logs etc.

    Optimization with Analytics

    Servers, switches, clients, and end user devices produce vast amounts of data. These logs contain valuable data that can offer insight into enterprise inefficiencies, resource consumption, security vulnerabilities and root causes of downtime. We analyse these logs and reduce the number of alerts raised to streamline the environment further.

    To know more about our Cloud Monitoring package and to get a quotation please contact us by Clicking Here

    Cloud Management

    A monitoring service exposes many weaknesses in the solution and more often the alerts by the time they have been identified and attended to become a break-fix issue. When you engage us in management we not only raise the alerts but also start working to remediate problems. We also perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of the problem to prevent it from reoccurring. In addition to monitoring, alert management and SOP remediation, resolution of problems or issues are performed remotely. All incoming alerts and log files are reviewed to quickly pinpoint an issue, maintain communication with the customer on progress, and remediate the problem. If the problem is not resolved and would require external help, we immediately escalates to the appropriate Cloud vendor Support for further troubleshooting and follow though to resolution.


    • 8×5 / 16×5 / 24×7 complete Monitoring of Cloud
    • Integration with existing tools or providing a tool with Service Desk
    • Unlimited customised dashboards with partner and customer view
    • Cloud OS Administration (user and process management)
    • Server Management (updates, upgrades & patch management)
    • Deployment and controlled redeployment in a crash event
    • Analysis of events and logs to determine RCA with corrective actions
    • Provide integration and user support on all supported servers
    • Troubleshoot problems with web services, mail services & applications.
    • Problems logged and resolved as per the SLAs defined
    • Manage and monitor server configuration, performance activity
    • Document all server configurations
    • Hardening servers, in line with security policies

    Cloud Back up Disaster Recovery

     Do you have a back up plan for your business and for your customers?
    Have you thought about using Private, Public or Hybrid cloud for your back up strategy?
    Not sure how to go about implementing a back up plan on cloud?

    If you are an IT Service Provider then you need to develop a backup plans based on policies determined by your customers and regulatory bodies, in whatever country the customers operate in, to ensure safety and long term retention of sensitive data for audit and compliance regulations. You must ensure customer workloads need to be protected from planned and unplanned downtown, as this can cause adverse business, brand, and in some cases, legal effects

    Managed Backup

    What is included in Managed Disaster Service?

    • Fully managed Azure data backup, replication and restoration
    • Monitoring and management of Daily backup
    • Alerts on Back Up Status and rerun failure
    • Success validation of next scheduled backup

    Managed Disaster

    What is included in Managed Disaster Service?

    • Fully Setup and Managed Azure Disaster
    • Monitoring and management of Data Sync
    • Alerts on Sync Status and Remediation
    • RTO and RPO of 1-4 hours or 15-30 min based on your Cloud plan


    Cloud Support

    Solution Design

    Not sure how your solutions will perform on the Cloud, having trouble choosing the right cloud for the business or just need help with the design. Use Cloud Care services to gain support for your solutions

    Technical Support

    These services assist partners and end customer to overcome their day-to-day technical challenges relating to their solutions on cloud to avoid any extended down time of services if not caused by OEM infrastructure. An L3 engineer quickly assess the problem to recommend corrections and alternatives.


    Administrative support is a level up from the basic break fix support. It is primarily to support qualified IT Staff at the Service provider end or the end customer end. This support service helps with cloud configuration and reconfiguration to suite the changing needs. This is only available in the 24×7 Bronze Silver and Gold packages.

    Vendor Escalation

    Escalation of queries related to Vendor’s infrastructure and services will be done by our team so you do not have to worry about navigating complex support agreements.

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