Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is a restricted area of the internet. This section of the internet consists of websites not accessible to search engines. And for such sites, users require special software to gain access. Users of this part of the World Wide Web also run and visit these websites anonymously, thanks to hidden IP addresses.

The danger of the dark web, though, is that being anonymous allows such users to trade delicate personal information. On the dark web, fraudsters can sell everything from others’ social security numbers to passwords. That is where Dark Web Monitoring comes in.

Dark Web Monitoring
What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

Network Elites and other cloud solution services offer dark web monitoring to identify theft. Your personal details are safe with Network Elites.

We use cyber monitoring theft prevention products. These products make it easier to monitor your identity information on the dark web. So, if your private information surfaces on the dark web, you’ll receive notifications.

Our job in dark web monitoring is to scan for your information, and if detected, notify you immediately. We also track any exchange of your personal information in well-hidden and hard-to-trace dark forums and websites. That way, you can take action to stop or reverse potentially damaging situations.

We live in the data age, and while there are many advantages, the threat of identity theft isn’t one of them. Your personal information is precious. So, if identity thieves sell such information, you could losing private and business data. Your personal and professional reputation may even be at risk.

How Do We Monitor the Dark Web?

First, you provide us with the specific information you would like us to monitor. Then, our dark web monitoring services comb through several billion records affected by hacks and data breaches. We also target over one million records breached every day.

To ensure that our monitoring is safe and secure, all the dark web data we use is in-house and solely in our servers. Because every dark web scan we conduct is done internally, there’s no chance of ever passing along your data to any third-party.

Your information, including email addresses or bank details, is only used to perform the dark web scan. Then if we ever find leaked personal information, we notify you right away.

Whether such information includes passwords, social security numbers, and other data, we let you know as early as possible. We want you to be able to take any necessary action in good time.

Dark Web Monitoring Channels

Our services include monitors that run 24/7 across social networks. Additionally, they run on chat sites, the Dark Web, IRC, and the Deep Web. We also scan Pastebin and other sites, ensuring that your information remains safe across the board.

Consequently, our intelligence and attack alerts make it easier for you to quickly identify, analyze, and take prompt action as required.

Plus, we make our notifications as readily understandable as possible. The notifications make it easy to evaluate the extent of the breach. We also try to provide options to enable you take the right steps to soften the impact.

Network Elites uses smart search technology that mimics human behavior. As a result, it is possible to infiltrate criminal networks successfully. And the avenue provides our clients with invaluable threat intelligence.

Another solution we offer among our dark web monitoring services is the automatic targeting of websites that are flagged as cybercrime hotspots. Our service is unique because it casts a remarkably wide net. This is because we have customized website targeting and search keywords in over 100 languages.

Why You Can Trust Our Dark Web Monitoring

For one, we alert you before a breach occurs. Stolen user credentials surfacing on the dark web is a clear indication that a web platform you use has been hacked. This could be an online service, your business, or even an employee. In such cases, quick action should be taken.

Cyber criminals traffic and purchase stolen user credentials in a sophisticated manner. So, without the use of a dark web monitoring service, cyber crime is nearly impossible to detect on time.

However, Network Elites can do this by scanning the dark web for threat intelligence concerning your stolen user credentials. You can then trust us to immediately notify you as soon as a compromise is detected.

Securing Accounts


If one or more personal email credentials become compromised, this could become a problem. Cyber criminals typically use current access to reach more information.

So, if you have the same password across accounts, for instance, all such accounts may be at risk. The same applies for using one email address throughout your accounts. The attacker can, therefore, gain access to the multiple linked user accounts.

As a result, it is crucial that you keep monitoring personal email addresses. But more than that, also monitor associated emails – those of executive and privileged users. Plus, it is wise to extend scanning services to corporate email accounts.


If you run a business and have multiple accounts, you may need to secure more information than most people. Of course, your employees’ information and credentials are under your care, as well.

We understand that most businesses need more than one hand on deck to run smoothly. This means that other people – IT administrators, for example – may have access to your systems. You may share email or bank account information, as well.

They can as well reuse the same user credentials, thus gaining access to corporate systems.

Network Elites dark web monitoring is equipped for this. We make it easy to monitor over 10 individual email addresses outside the business’s jurisdiction. In addition, we of course, allow for monitoring of associated corporate email addresses and information.

Protection Against Password Breaches

Compromises, including data breaches, are in most instances traced back to poor password usage.

In almost all businesses and corporate surveyed, we found poor security practices. Some users use their corporate email address as their individual accounts. Others also reuse the same password on numerous sites.

Network Elites protects you from such dangerous practices. Our security consulting services will help you improve your password habits. We ensure that your user credentials are safeguarded from any breaches due to poor password usage.

Faster, Easier Setup

In today’s world, internet security companies lay more emphasis on threat detection than they do the response. For us at Network Elites, security goes beyond installing new security technologies for monitoring. We believe that they should also show immediate results.

Network Elites uses the latest security technology that lets you know whether your business/corporation is at risk from user credential leak or breach within minutes. Talk to us and get the right subscription package to keep you on top of your data. We’re one call away – start staying safe online now.

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