Business Challenge

A large educational marketplace had outgrown not only its existing IT infrastructure but also the processes that led to that infrastructure. The IT infrastructure and processes struggle responding to daily challenges and are unable to meet future state goals. The company had become reactive in their operations for the IT environment as opposed to being proactive or strategic in initiating IT systems to meet the goals of the business. The discussion centered around the company using several outside resources that have grown inefficient or beyond their current capabilities to execute on the vision.  The internal team is very limited in size and ability to respond to these challenges to address the future state needs. The educational marketplace company recognized these difficulties and asked Network Elites for proposals on creating a roadmap forward.


Network Elites delivered a limited engagement to investigate the current state, jointly describing the goal state, assessing gaps, and delivering a roadmap for the transition from the current unsatisfactory state to one that meets business goals. We recognized the ongoing need to conduct business and produced an incremental roadmap that supported the business while progressing towards the goal: IT infrastructure and processes that delivery quality services while being responsive, flexible, strategic, scalable, predictable, and cost effective.

What was done

  • Our approach was to identify goal states with the stakeholders and assess existing IT functions in light of those goals. From these assessments, we develop a gap analysis.
  • We then review this gap analysis with the stakeholders for prioritization. These priorities guide our roadmap development.
  • We augment the gap analysis with dependencies, rough-order-of-magnitude schedule, and cost information. In concert with the stakeholders, we prioritize identified gaps.
  • Working from these priorities, we developed an IT roadmap that advances from the current IT state towards the goal state, ensuring that IT continues to support ongoing business needs during the transition.


  • Network Elites Produced a strategic IT vision for the business and the envisioning of an IT roadmap to meet both short term and long-term goals aligning IT to the business.
  • We identified four pillars of technologies areas of technology improvement. They center on software enablement platforms to perform multiple functions within the lines of business. These pillars of software platforms will need significant re-architecting as well as the corresponding infrastructure support systems and people to enable the delivery. 
  • Developed a Strategic Partner to plan and translated the business strategy into executable and measurable IT deliverables for a three year timeline.