Business Challenge

A medium sized acute healthcare firm with 33 separate facilities in multiple states was splitting up into smaller separately owned and operated regional firms. After operating jointly for years, the partners decided to split assets and go their separate ways. This left one of the entities without a detailed IT operational support structure. The company could have gone out and rebuilt the internal IT support modeling and assets that were previously present or investigate IT outsourcing. After a detailed and exhaustive study, the new entity went with the IT outsourcing route. The challenge was to find a right sized, competent, HIPPA compliant provider at the right value.


The approach was to investigate IT service provider models and determine the best fit. There were a couple of options, first the break fix model, this is typically a reactionary approach to fixing IT issues as the arise. This would mean the end user would notify an IT liaison and they would notify the IT break fix provider when there was an issue who would then come out to the location of the asset and remedy the situation. 

The other approach was a proactive IT managed services provider model from Network Elites with real time monitoring and management of all IT assets for updates, threats, and patching to continuously keep the IT environment running optimally. Also included was the ad hoc break fix of any issue as it arises. This was done through remote monitoring and management systems as well as, on site remediation as needed. As an added value, project work was included into the monthly management fee to have a consistent monthly cost model. This allowed the new healthcare company to separate physical IT and operational assets in a much quicker timeframe from the old company, while avoiding building out a costly IT operational support model. This was ultimately the model chosen.

What was done

  • Network Elites and the healthcare company quickly established dedicated teams to manage the transition of visibility of IT assets and documentation.
  • Loaded agents across the locations onto IT devices that then gave manageability the N.E. RMM platform and ticketing system.
  • Quickly began identifying critical IT areas of critical concern for separation from the other business entities.
  • Communicated a detailed contact plan for all nine locations to begin using the Network Elites IT outsource structure.


  • Onboarded multiple network and server assets in a relatively short period and began the process of cutting over to the new IT support structure.
  • Within a few weeks 9 separate locations and approximately 400 end users were being support for all IT needs.
  • Incredibly, the quick and successful engagement was completed and is achieving its objectives of supporting the IT needs of the new entity Cielo.
  • Cost and efficiency savings were greater than $495,000 for a three-year period.

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