Introducing the Manufacturing/Industrial IT Service Provider into the SMB Industrial Facility

Does an IT Managed Services Provider Really Add Value to a Manufacturing Environment?

The short answer is an emphatic yes, but the long answer involves understanding just what the value really is. Bain & Co. did a study and one of the top four areas to outsource for a small to medium sized business was some of the IT support function. It found that only one in ten companies was able to achieve sustained strength in the market and long-term profitability over a 10-year period. The one activity that set these winners apart: Finding ways to outsource functions that are not core to the business! This almost always led to greater profitability and higher valuations.


Specialized it for manufacturing insures systems and data are protected 24/7.


Our system supports varying needs of the entire business – front, back & the manufacturing floor


We help keep all the vital operations moving with minimal interruptions

The Just in Time and Lean IT Services

In the manufacturing world, Just in Time (JIT) and Lean methodology tend to be the predominant production strategies. The value of a great IT MSP is to balance methodologies to run lean in the IT environment with uptime preparedness. The MSP makes sure your IT systems stay optimally tuned for running your data in the business, without having excess infrastructure that can be costly to maintain. Having an MSP allows the SMB manufacturer to consume IT “by the drink” with less financial and human capital outlay.

Manufacturing IT: A Unique Industry

Manufacturing IT is a unique industry, with unique objectives. Key drivers like insights into cost savings for front office workers won’t be key drivers for an industrial labor force out on the shop floor. Choosing a provider that knows shop floor IT requirements as well as, front and back office requirements for manufacturing will help alleviate adoption and hard to manage systems. Most businesses are seeking other benefits, such as improved operational efficiency and enhanced IT security from MSPs in addition to cost savings. Without the burden of staffing and maintaining technology support, internal staff can focus on improving business processes and innovation that will move the company forward. Having effective IT services can help support and sustain a vibrant and growing business.

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