What’s making security headlines?

As you develop a strategy to protect your organization and familiarize yourself with emerging security trends, here’s what you need to know.

1. Malicious cryptomining is a lucrative way to cash in.

The most successful money making scheme of 2018, cryptomining is still growing fast. System administrators often don’t know it’s happening, and if it spreads, it can spike power costs and slow down your user’s devices.

2. Email is still the most popular threat-delivery vehicle.

91% of attacks start with a phishing email. Last year, Emotet evolved from a banking Trojan to a significant threat that spreads via email, looking for access to personal devices.

3. Ransomware may not be making headlines – but it’s still dangerous.

Malicious cryptomining has a better payout than ransomware, but the threat remains. GrandCrab and Ryuk both made their debut in 2018, using Emotet and Trickbot infections, so staying vigilant is key.

4. New threats on the rise.

Attackers are creative, and they’re always working on something new. By the time you are familiar with a couple of security trends, attackers are halfway through exploiting it. Whether it’s digital extortion, Office 365 phishing, or an entirely new scheme, security teams must stay alert for emerging attacks.

5. Security is moving to the cloud.

In a recent Cisco study, 93% of respondents said moving security to the cloud has increased efficiency, allowing security personnel to focus on other areas.